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Edit Nemeth
Qualified Nursing Specialist HF
Dipl. pedicurist

My name is Edit Németh, I come from Hungary and have lived in Switzerland since 2007. Since then I have been carrying out my work as a qualified nursing specialist HF.

I found my calling while caring for my daughter, who was seriously ill for ten years. During this time I received confirmation that I was born for this profession.

My loyalty, humanity and sensitivity for the patients are limitless. With these skills, I am available to all people who need help, care, nursing or therapy.

What are essential oils?

If you've ever smelled the scent of a rose, you've experienced the aromatic properties of essential oils. These naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. Essential oils protect plants from environmental attack and play a role in pollination. In addition to their essential benefits to plants and wonderful scents to humans, essential oils have long been used in food preparation, beauty treatments, and health practices.

How do I use essential oils?

Essential oils are used for a range of emotional and physical wellness treatments. They can be used individually or in complex mixtures in three ways:


Certain essential oils, when diffused into the air, can be very stimulating, while others can have calming and soothing effects. Diffusing essential oils can also purify the air of unwanted odors.


Essential oils are easily absorbed by the skin and are safe to apply to the skin.


Certain essential oils have a rich culinary history and can be used as dietary supplements for targeted well-being.

Essential oils are both energizing and promising when it comes to taking care of your own health and that of your family. Whether you enjoy the aromatic effects of diffusing essential oils, applying them to the skin, or taking them internally, the benefits of essential oils are limitless.

Therefore, you should be confident that the essential oils you use are capable of delivering on their promises. You should be careful to choose essential oils for their purity and potency.

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